It’s not about how much you have (Preview)

It’s not about how much you have that matters.

We are living in exciting times – it has probably never been easier to open a business and to have mass appeal and global reach, often for less money than you realize.

One of the great levellers, without doubt, is the internet. With 6+ Billion people on the earth and with a good portion of them having access to the internet (via computer, tablet or smartphone) the potential market for virtually any product or service is enormous!

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that small and startup business have over their corporate “rivals” is that they are agile. They can make decisions at lightning speed and through the mechanism of the internet can be “international” overnight.

And it’s possible to do this from the comfort of your favourite armchair, coffee shop or beachfront with nothing more than an internet connection and a laptop/tablet.

Since so many top-class services are free, inexpensive and “in the cloud” you don’t even need a fancy laptop/tablet. In fact a second hand laptop running one of the Linux operating systems (like Mark Shuttleworth’s UBUNTU) and you have 99% of what you need!

So it truly is no longer about how much you have but what you can do with what you have. That’s the spirit of entrepreneurship – doing a lot with a little. Magic. Alchemy!

Imagine: You borrow a friends second hand laptop, sit somewhere with free wifi, build a free website which you then use to sell a service…Just ONE sale would make you an Alchemist – because you would truly have created “something” out of “nothing”.

With the right attitude, knowledge and skills (and perhaps a mentor 🙂 ) it’s possible!

So what miracle are you going to perform today – and what’s stopping you?

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