TEAMSS for Business Success – Part 1 (Free Preview)

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Welcome to Part 1 of the TEAMSS for Business Success.

By now you are probably wondering if TEAMSS is a spelling error or simply an attention grabber.

It’s not a spelling error – TEAMSS is an acronym that I believe form the cornerstone to starting your business. More over the better your foundation and the greater your focus on that which is important and not on that which is simply “urgent” the quicker you are likely to achieve business success.

Let’s talk success for a moment. What does it mean to you?

Is it financial security?

Is it more money than you know what to do with?

Money is important (there’s no doubt about it) but for me success means a lot more than money alone. I think it is critical to have balance in life. Yin and Yang.

So to me success means, in balanced proportion;

Time for Family,
Time for ME,
Enough money to provide for financial security.

Having all the money in the world – but paying for it with my health, losing my family or having no fulfilment seems rather unbalanced… and pointless.

So, with balance in all that you do lets get back to the TEAMSS for Business Success.

T = Time
E = Effort.
A = …
M = …
S = …
S = …


Time – the most precious of all commodities (and one that in future will become even more valued for its scarcity).

You need to find the time…

If you are a student or an employee, time is more scare and not always your own. Regardless you will need to find or make the time if you truly want to start your own business and power it to success.

So where do you find (or create) more time?

You could get up 45 minutes earlier… or
You could go to bed half an hour later… but I find the best way to make time is to reduce the meaningless distractions – like television, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. It’s not that you shouldn’t engage in these activities at all – but they tend to suck you in and before you know it time is lost.

If you want to be successful cut out these time wasters wherever and whenever you can.

Time needs to be spent effectively and not squandered on idle or meaningless tasks.

If you are unemployed or recently retired you probably have time in abundance – and that is a great resource when put to good use.


Many things in life are SIMPLE but they are not always easy. I know I would like my life to be “easier” and I’m sure you feel the same. Sadly that’s not how it works. Life will always take effort and I always recall this pearl of wisdom when things get tough.

“Life will not get easier – but we can better prepare ourselves to meet its challenges!”

Renowned speaker Tony Robbins always says success requires “Massive Action”. That’s effort. Pure and simple.

You cannot simply sit on the sidelines and hope that your business will start by itself. Or that it will become successful overnight, without effort. So many people talk about the “luck” of others (I find myself doing it too when I’m tired or despondent).

We talk about “overnight success” as if these things happen by “luck”. Gary Player said of his golf – “the more I practice the luckier I get”. For most successful people “overnight success” was 20 or more years in the making.

So lets wrap up part one shall we?

You need to find the TIME and you need to make the EFFORT if you want to change your life and seize your destiny.

Good Luck – see you in Part 2!

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