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Business Mentorship Program (South Africa)

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Video Transcript

The cost of living is rising alarmingly with the cost of groceries, water, rates and taxes – many of which are already in double-digits – and Eskom continues to raise the price of electricity despite extensive load-shedding – while your salary (if you are lucky enough to have a salary) just isn’t keeping up.

There is just too much month left at the end of your money – and its getting worse.

If you want an extra income, whether simply to help pay the bills or to prevent you dipping into your retirement savings or for a holiday with the family to your favourite destination or because you want to resign from your unfulfilling 9 to 5 job – no matter the reason you need an extra income stream and that means –

Starting your own business!

Regardless of whether you intend to do it part time to supplement your income, or full time with a view to making it your primary income doesn’t really matter. The process is identical.

You probably already have a product in mind or a marketable skill – be that builder, plumber, cook, hairdresser, driver, bookkeeper or botanist.

What you need is a plan to help get you started and to unlock your dreams and your potential.

Starting out seems so daunting and complicated with so much that you need to know and so many new technologies to get to grips with.

Everyone needs a guide to show us the way, to provide insight here or encouragement there.

As a passionate and experienced internet marketer I firmly believe in the power of the internet to get you going regardless of whether your dream is to own an internet-only business, a real-world ‘brick and mortar’ store or a combination of the two.

There simply isn’t another platform that will allow you exposure to tens of thousands or Millions of potential customers. Leveraged correctly you will have the ability to deliver as well (or better) than some of the world’s mega-companies do.

The leverage that the internet provides is enormous and with ever more people getting high speed access to the internet (especially here in Africa) the market continues to have amazing potential – be that;

  • To provide you with information
  • To bring customers to your door.
  • To get a hot lead on the other side of your telephone; or
  • To transact completely online.

Stop dreaming about more money or more time with the family – everyone wants these things – but only the few bold action-takers are ever likely to achieve them.

Remember the statistics are clear – 9 out of 10 start-up businesses will fail within the first 10 years, and most of those will fail horribly in the first 5 years so unfocussed and haphazard action taking is energy sapping and resource draining and may not help you realize your goals and the rewards you so richly deserve.

The quickest and surest way is to follow someone who has done it before! Your guide (or mentor) has experience to share with you because she (or he) has trodden the path before you many times.

Even the most experienced and competent mountain climbers make use of Sherpa’s when tackling Everest – and they do so for good reason! Experience and knowledge is invaluable and will save you time, expense, effort and energy – and probably a heart-ache or two.

I have heard the nay-sayers claim the internet is complicated and ‘doesn’t work’. I have also seen enough of their internet efforts to know that in most cases their websites are not fit-for-purpose and they are lost in the internet wilderness. No wonder they feel this way!

So take the plunge now (you are an action taker after all) and let me help guide you. We start by using the internet as the foundation and from there you can decide whether you want your business to reside in cyberspace or whether you want to leverage the internet for your ‘real-world’ brick and mortar store or a combination of the two.

By joining the StartMyBusiness Mentorship program you get access to;

  • Live training Webinars (see how it’s done live and in real-time).
  • Insider tips and tricks (to save you time and accelerate your progress).
  • Self-paced online tutorials (free for as long as you remain a member of the mentorship program).
  • A behind the scenes look into the systems and strategies Iuse to start, promote and grow my own businesses.

Pre-registrations are now open for the StartMyBusiness Mentorship program starting 01 June 2015. Sign up below and the first 50 people that do so will get access to the Mentorship program for R 399/ month (or less than the price of a daily cappuccino)!

Pre-registration is obligation free – but being on the list means you get a chance of being one of the first 50 subscribers when the program opens!

Forget about asking whether you can afford a mentor – given that only 1 in 10 start-ups will succeed the really important question is: can you afford not to have a mentor?

Go ahead – enter your name, surname and a valid email address into the form below. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To your business success!