Why resting is important for your business (and your health)

With Easter just passed I was amazed to see how many stores (especially the big retailers) were open for business on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

For those following Christianity this meant work on two of the holiest days in the Christian calendar…and it got me thinking about us small business owners too.

Rest should be part of the program for small business owners!

So often, we small business owners, just like those hapless employees working for those major retailers over Easter, don’t actually get to take a break.

The problem with this is that it hastens you on the path to burnout and despondency and aside from all work and no play making Jack a dull boy you end up at a point of diminishing returns – where despite equal or greater input (effort) you fail to get any further output.

Rest for small business owners and diminishing returns
The point of diminishing returns. Greater input (effort) without greater output.

So we slave longer and harder but not more effectively.

Which really brings me to the point of this post – you need to take time out to rest. To rejuvenate. To energise and to gain distance, perspective and perhaps a little inspiration too.

Recently CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta highlighted the effects of sleep deprivation during one of his episodes of Vital Signs. Not only is lack of sleep going to affect your productivity – its actually really bad for your health too.

One of the important take-aways for me from Dr. Gupta’s program was that even a power-nap of 20 – 40 minutes can make a big difference which includes better memory, concentation and reaction times.

So be kind to yourselves, respect your body, get some rest and don’t feel guilty about it. Your body needs some downtime so that you can return to the grind-stone rejuvenated, energized and inspired!

To your business success!

PS: I too find myself in ‘workaholic’ mode and I had intended to write this post over Easter – and then decided to take a dose of my own advice – wrote the idea down in my diary and took some time off. And the result was nothing short of miraculous!

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