Small business a land cruiser and a jetski

Yesterday I enjoyed a lamb-curry bunny chow at Moyo’s at Ushaka in Durban. The wind was howling and only the truly brave (or stupid) had any interest in launching their craft into a restless, white-capped, wind-driven maelstorm (even the harbour Pilots helipcopter wasn’t operating and the Pilot boat made heavy weather of it as it went out to meet arriving merchant ships).

While there I witnessed a man trying to launch his brand new Yamaha WaveRunner (on a split trailer) using his Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (together almost a Million Rand worth of equipment!)

Business Lessons from a man with a Jetski

After about an hour on the beach he had managed to dump his Waverunner on the beach (unceremoniously) and then laboriously winched it back onto it’s trailer. He also appeared more than a little confused regarding the correct operation of the winch, cable and strap.

It was a classic case of top-class expensive equipment floundering horribly for the lack of an ounce of knowledge and a pound of experience!

In the end he left, disgusted and perhaps a little embarrased, having not managed to even get his waverunner into the surf!

I suspect that had be had some common sense he wouldn’t have tried to launch in those weather conditions (and if he had an absolute desire to do so weather conditions notwithstanding) he wouldn’t have attempted it alone – and knowledge coupled with experience would have prevented him from dumping his Waverunner onto the beach!

I have little doubt that had an Old Salt attempted the process, notwithstanding having less expensive equipment, he would have been far more successful at launching given that knowledge and experience are vital ingredients to the success of any venture!

Small Business Lessons

It’s in fact a perfect comparison to small business – having all the expensive equipment without sufficient knowledge, experience and a helping hand may not be enough to ensure success!

It is important to know what you don’t know – and then seek the necessary help. That’s why having a business mentor on your side makes so much sense!

He or she provides knowledge and experience to help direct and focus your actions for best results – sure you need to bring passion, energy and hard work, but your business mentor will make sure your hard work and energy are properly channelled and that you are being productive – which is far more likely to lead to success.

So, do you have your business mentor on board yet?

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Here’s to your business prospering!


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