Small victories lead to large success in business as in life

Business success is a series of steps

In essence the title says it all – but let me spell it out anyway.

Regardless of what you want to achieve in your life – whether it’s weightloss, six-pack abs, more loving relationships with your family or more money in your pocket you will likely find that it takes ‘years to become an overnight success’.

It’s simply unrealistic to eat less at dinner tonight and expect significant, lasting weightloss in the morning.

Just as it would be unrealistic to complete a single sit-up and expect six-pack abs or paying your loved ones a couple of minutes of attention, not doing it again for months or years, and expecting to be closer and in a more loving relationship with your family.

We cannot escape the singular reality – that the voyage of a thousand miles starts with a single step – and that reaching your destination requires that you faithfully put one foot in front of the other, over and over and over again – until your reach your destination. Your goals. Your dreams.

Business is no different – its an oft-repeated sequence of doing the right things and doing those things right.

So don’t beat yourself up that you haven’t yet ‘arrived’ in your life or in your business – be gentle on yourself. Simply resolve to do what it takes, in bite-sized chunks (little steps), each and every day and you will reach your goal far sooner than you ever imagined.

Now go take that step…and the next …then come back tomorrow and do it all over again!

Here’s to your business prospering!

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