Remember to be grateful

In business as in life gratitude is important

As another week rolls to a close I thought I would share a simple but vital ingrediet of success with you – the Attitude of Gratitude.

We slip too quickly into a negative mind space where we lament the things we do not have and it serves us well to consciously remind ourselves of all the things we do have.

I will, in a later post, delve deeper into why you should practice being grateful – but for now simply take a deep breath, find a place of solitude (even if only for 5 minutes) and list all the wonderful things you are grateful for. These are some of the things I am grateful for today – take stock of what you have and give thanks for that, no matter how simple or humble it may be.

Today, I am grateful for:

  • The love of my family.
  • The Sun on my face.
  • The lessons I have learned.
  • The people I have met.
  • The warm bed I sleep in.
  • That I have eaten well today.
  • That I had an opportunity of giving something back.

Now go and be gentle on yourself – look forward to your weekend, spend it wisely and in uplifting and loving activities and recharge.

 Here’s to your business prospering!

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